How Do I Join?

Men find their way to the Craft in a number of different ways. The traditional way has been to know someone in Freemasonry, such as a relative or friend. After learning about the Craft, he would ask how to become a Mason, and then the process would begin. Today, men are learning about Masonry through various media such as books, articles, TV shows, Internet articles and word of mouth. They do some investigating, become intrigued and contact Grand Lodge, or a local Lodge, seeking to become a Mason.

Some men may be curious about Freemasonry and perhaps do not have the self-motivation needed. If your interest is not sincere and you have questions about Masonry we are willing to answer them. If, however, you are serious about pursuing a life in Freemasonry then please do not hesitate to contact us!

To find out more or to be contacted by a member of Seven Star Lodge, please use the Contact Us link. We may use any of the options you provide (email or phone) to contact you.